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Parque de hélices submarinas

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by aliiweiss, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. aliiweiss

    aliiweiss New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm having trouble translating "parque de hélices submarinas" to English, because I'm not able to find the specific term in English and I don't feel quite happy about my literal translation.

    Here's the context:

    "Aplicaciones cartográficas para aprovechar nuevas fuentes de energía como la producida por las mareas, oleaje o corrientes, mediante la instalación de parques de hélices submarinas".

    And here's my go:

    "Cartographic applications to make the most of new energy sources —such as those produced by the tides, swell or currents— through the installation of underwater screw propeller parks".

    I have looked up several possible translations on the internet and none of them seems to match the meaning in Spanish. Could you guys help me out?

    Feel free to correct anything else that doesn't sound well in that sentence too :)

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. saturne Senior Member

    Yo diría "produced by the waves, tides and currents " "by means of the installation of underwater turbines parks.
    Espera otras sugerencias.
  3. olimpia91 Senior Member

    Castellano - Argentina
    Encontré que son "underwater turbine farms".
    Parece que solo los que no hablamos inglés decimos park en vez de farm.
  4. aliiweiss

    aliiweiss New Member

    Muchísimas gracias a ambos por vuestra ayuda!! Saturne, es verdad que suena bastante más natural decir "waves" que "swell", y "by means of" en lugar de "through". Y Olimpia91, es verdad que es "underwater turbine farms"! Estaba tan centrada pensando cómo decir "hélices" que no se me ocurrió cambiar "parques" por algo más anglófono.

    Gracias de verdad por ayudarme con tanta prontitud :) un saludo

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