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penguin-at-a-bar jokes

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by Clockmaker, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Clockmaker Senior Member

    Portuguese // French

    ¿Qué significa "penguin-at-a-bar jokes"? Muchas gracias.

    "You kiss someone’s ass at a party, it seems harmless enough. Maybe they do you a favor. Soon you’re censoring your best stuff. You end up telling ‘penguin-at-a-bar’ jokes just to make yourself user friendly.”
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  2. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    "penguin-at-a-bar" se refiere al hecho de que muchos chistes empiezan por la frase "a xxx walks into a bar." Tales chistes no suelen ser verdes. "user friendly" no lo sé.
  3. Clockmaker Senior Member

    Portuguese // French
    ¿Entonces prodría ser algo como "chistes banales"?
  4. Lurrezko

    Lurrezko Senior Member

    Junto al mar
    Spanish (Spain) / Catalan
    Cualquier temática tópica de chistes en español te serviría como idea, en mi opinión. Chistes de loros, o de Lepe, por ejemplo, si tu traducción es para España.

  5. Lis48

    Lis48 Senior Member

    York, England
    English - British
    You tell harmless, silly jokes ("penguin at a bar" jokes) just to make people like you (user friendly).
    The point is that "penguin at a bar" jokes are clean and suitable for your granny to listen to, so safe in all company. You have censored your dirty jokes in order not to upset anyone.
  6. Clockmaker Senior Member

    Portuguese // French
    ¡Ahora lo entiendo!

    Muchas gracias a todos.

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