Persian: وزارت امور کار و امور اجتمائئ

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  1. kiatmac Member

    Canada - English and Farsi
    Hi I'd like to know what this (In Persian/Farsi): وزارت امور کار و امور اجتمائئ
    translates into for English?
    Is it perhaps "The Ministry Of Economics and Social Security"
    This is in the context of a legal document.
    Thank you for your help.

    Please mention the language in the title. For example:
    Persian: abc xyz
    Frank, moderator.
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  2. arsham Senior Member

    It's "Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs". Here's their website!
  3. turkcurious Senior Member

    Persia land
    arsham is correct.
    But your heading is wrong. The first" امور " is additional. The common term in Iran is : وزارت کار و امور اجتماعی

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