Persian: Before you start picking people up, learn your way!

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    In the film آواز گنجشکها, Karim goes to Tehran hoping to get his daughter’s hearing aid repaired.

    While he is revving up his motorbike an official jumps on and tells him to take him to such and such a place.

    Upon arriving at his destination he tells Karim off for taking the long way round: “Before you start picking people up (i.e. on your motorbike), learn your way around Tehran!” How can we say this in Colloquial Persian, please – I really didn't catch what the official said in the film.

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    قبل از اين كه كسيو سوار كني، برو خيابوناي تهرانو ياد بگير
    تو كه مي‌خواي مسافر بزني، قبلش خيابوناي تهرانو ياد بگير
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    Many thanks, very helpful indeed.

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