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    This came up in a recent thread: how can we describe in Persian people whose interests clash i.e. rivals, particularly in commercial or political matters?

    This would apply to the barbers who “cut each other’s hair” when they have nothing to do, for example. If I go to Barber A, I don't go to Barber B, so in a sense Barber A's gain is Barber B's loss.

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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    كساني/افرادي كه منافع مشترك دارند
    افراد داراي منافع مشترك
    افراد ذي‌نفع

    هم صنف‌ها
    and so on
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    I think there is a bit of confusion. In barbers example, it seems that they have common interest, not rivalry or clash of interest. Searcher123's reply is for "common interest".

    For clash of interest I can only recall تضاد منافع now.
    آنها دارای تضاد منافع هستند
    آنها با هم تضاد منافع دارند
    For rivalry, رقابت is often used.
    آنها با هم رقابت دارند
    آنها رقیب هم/یکدیگر هستند
  4. seitt Senior Member

    Ah, yes, many thanks. Indeed, تضاد منافع seems just right for 'clash of interests'.

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