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    Am I right in thinking that the best word for a natural product (corn, fruit etc.) is محصول?

    But what is the best word for a totally artificial product of a factory e.g. chewing-gum, light-bulbs etc? Is it better to use فرورد/فراورد for such things?

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    you are right محصول is used for natural products. بار is also common for fruits.
    فرآوری means process, specially for material( for information, پردازش is the proper word).
    فرآورده is used for both manufactured and natural products. for example فرآورده های کشاورزی is used for both raw and processed agricultural products.
    فرآورده های/محصولات صنعتی : industrial products
    کالا های صنعتی : industrial goods
    artificial, synthetic: مصنوعی ، سنتزی
    natural, organic: طبیعی ، ارگانیک
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    Many thanks, excellent.

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