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    Hi i was just wondering how you would say:

    "You're my everything and i'll never let you go"
    "i'll love you forever"
    "i love you so much"

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    I'm POSITIVE that you could find the answer in some other threads, because this question has been addressed, but I'll spare you the trouble and answer them. I can't write in the Perso-Arabic script with my current keyboard, though, so I hope that a transliteration will suffice:

    "You're my everything and i'll never let you go"= Tow hamecize man hasti va hicvaqt/hargez tow râ vel naxâham kard. (lit. "You are my everything and I'll never let you go.")
    "i'll love you forever"= Hamishe âsheqe tow xâham mund. (lit. I'll always remain in love with you.)
    "i love you so much"= Ây, ce qadr duset dâram! (lit. "Oh, how much I like/love you!)

    I'm using the Unipers transliteration system. Here's a guide to the alphabet:
  3. ceelara New Member

    thanks for the help! much appreciated! =)

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