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Philia, Eros, Storge, Agape (four kinds of love)

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by purgolders_90, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. purgolders_90 Senior Member

    American- English
    Theses are four words that mean love and I can't find them in spanish.

    Philia is love between friends
    Eros is the sense of being in love
    Storge is Affection, love of family
    Agape is unconditional love

    does anyone know these?
  2. Rattauy Junior Member

    Gto. México
    Mexican Spanish
    Hi! Good night!
    Well, about this words, it is posible that you don't get an especific way to traslate it because are refering to some greeks words that meand a specific kind of love...

    but wait for more posts
  3. Hausa Senior Member

    Zürich, Switzerland
    Spanish - Spain
    I agree with Rattauy. Since they are Greek words, it is pretty likely they are used just in Greek when speaking in Spanish. However, I've heard "amor filial", referring to Philia love.
  4. ErOtto Senior Member

    38º 35' 32'' N - 0º 03' 59'' O
    Bilingual: Spanish (Spain) / German (Germany)
    Filia, eros y ágape los puedes encontrar en el DRAE. Come verás, las acepciones son ligeramente distintas.

    Filia se usa en español, sobre todo, como sufijo (y no sólo con caracter sexual).

    En las acepciones por las que preguntas, al parecer, no se traducen.
    Véase: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arquetipos_amatorios

  5. purgolders_90 Senior Member

    American- English
    Would people be confused if I try to describe love in those terms that are found on wikipedia? The words really explain love in detail.
  6. ErOtto Senior Member

    38º 35' 32'' N - 0º 03' 59'' O
    Bilingual: Spanish (Spain) / German (Germany)
    I don´t thing "much common people" will know what you are speaking about whitout explanation or a source.
    I, as example, didn´t knew what Storge or Pragma was until I read about it. I know what pragmático, ágape or eros mean... but I would think about the meaning in the dictionary. I would not think about love archetypes.

  7. romina.filo Senior Member

    Rosario (ARG)
    amor filial
    amor erótico
    amor fraterno
    amor incondicional
  8. ErOtto Senior Member

    38º 35' 32'' N - 0º 03' 59'' O
    Bilingual: Spanish (Spain) / German (Germany)
    ¿En el sentido de la psicología social? ¿O es una traducción en base a la lectura del enlace anterior?

    Pregunto porque en el enlace anterior dejan los términos descritos sin traducir. Y a mi entender Storge no corresponde a amor fraterno. Y lo de filial tampoco queda muy claro que sea "love between friends".

  9. Dr. Quizá

    Dr. Quizá Senior Member

    Esuri - Huelva York.
    Spain - Western Andalusian Spanish.
    Warning! "Amor filial" es amor de hijo, no de amigo. Viene del latín "filiālis", no del griego "φιλία".

    Eso de "amor de amigo" lo dejaría simplemente como "amistad".
  10. ariannaj Senior Member

    English/Spanish, USA
    I've seen this translated in religious texts. The only change I have seen is to "Philia."


    Amor filia
    Amor eros
    Amor storge
    Amor agape (nunca lo he visto con tilde)
  11. Lis48

    Lis48 Senior Member

    York, England
    English - British
    I agree with Dr Quiza. Filial (family) love and Philial (friendship) love are not the same. Filial love is very close to storge and I´ve read articles giving the four Greek loves as friendship (philial), erotic (eros), familial/filial (storge) and universal/unconditional (ágape). Amistad, erótico, filial, incondicional.
  12. ariannaj Senior Member

    English/Spanish, USA
    Agape es amor basado en principios.
  13. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    I never came across these words in regular English in either Britain or the States, but...

    Philia is love between friends---------- amistad
    Eros is the sense of being in love ----- estar enamorado (being in love can or cannot be related to erotic love).
    Storge is Affection, love of family ---- amor familiar
    Agape is unconditional love --------- amor incondicional

  14. IsabeldeCastilla Junior Member

    Pomfret, MD
    Un recurso muy bueno sobre este tema es el libro titulado "Los Cuatro Amores, escrito por el escritor inglés C. S. Lewis. Los explica muy bien y da ejemplos como son los cuatro amores.

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