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phytochemical analysis

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by LePolyglotte, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. LePolyglotte New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently working on my thesis. I have to translate a summary I have written in Spanish into English. My research is about a shampoo using "molle" extract. I am wondering if the words I've chosen are the right ones in my translation. Before I introduce the text I would like you to help me translate, I want to let you know that "molle" is a medicinal plant, mainly found in South America. It is used as a insecticide by rural communities.

    Background information:
    Dogs infested with fleas were used on this research; regardless of sex, breed, weight or age, they were distributed randomly into four experimental groups of six animals each: A control group (no treatment), B (treated with molle shampoo at a 25-percent concentration), C (treated with molle shampoo at a 50-percent concentration), and D (treated with free-extract shampoo), recording the number of fleas, assessed by counting them using a fine-toothed flea comb...

    Original text (in Spanish): Mediante el análisis fitoquímico identificado por reacciones de coloración y precipitación, se evidenció abundante presencia de compuestos fenólicos del tipo flavonoides y taninos.

    My attempt (in English): By phytochemical analysis determined by coloration and precipitation reactions, abundant presence of phenols of the kind flavonoids and tannins was evidenced.

    Thanks to you all in advance,

    Le Polyglotte

    P.S.: Feel free to make any correction if needed.
  2. Ilialluna

    Ilialluna Senior Member

    Hola. Yo diría: "By phytochemical analysis identified by coloration and precipitation reactions, an abundant presence of phenolic compounds of the flavonoid and tannin type was evidenced".
    No estoy segura en cuanto a si habría que usar "coloration" o "dyeing".
    Espero que te sirva.
  3. LePolyglotte New Member

    Thank you again for your concern! I think there was improvement in your translation. I've been researching on the Web about "reacciones de coloración y precipitación" and I found on Wikipedia the following definitions: color change reaction and precipitation reaction, so I think that's it. Thanks!
  4. clevermizo Moderator

    St. Louis, MO
    English (USA), Spanish
    These are a little long and awkward in English, I think. Also, coloration is not right for a chemical reaction - I would use 'colorimetric' (especially if color change is the readout for the assay in question). I also think your 'precipitation' reaction refers to alkaline precipitation gravimetry. If that is the case, I would replace that with 'gravimetric' (though I've left precipitation as it was in my translation). I would reword it as follows:

    Utilizing colorimetric and precipitation** phytochemical analyses, the abundant presence of flavonoid and tannin phenolic compounds was detected.


    Especially with science writing in English, there is a preference for the most concise kind of sentence possible :D .
  5. LePolyglotte New Member

    Thank you very much!

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