place / put pressure on something / someone

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  1. frenchie02 Senior Member

    Bonjour à tous!

    I am trying to translate:
    School places too much pressure on young people

    My attempt:
    Le collège place trop de la pression aux jeunes.

    But I feel that this is too much of a literal translation...?

    Would this be better?
    Le collège mets trop de la pression aux jeunes

  2. PouletteAuCurry Member

    Votre 2ème essai est déjà bien meilleur, mais il y a quelques erreurs :
    - conjugaison du verbe "mettre"
    - construction de "trop de" + nom

    Travaillez bien !
  3. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    To place pressure on someone : mettre [de] la pression sur quelqu'un.
  4. frenchie02 Senior Member

    Donc c'est:
    Le collège met trop de pression sur les jeunes?

    Merci encore pour votre aide!
  5. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo

    You have constructed it correctly based on the advice you received, frenchie.

    PS: We can also say put pressure on something or someone. To me, place pressure is slightly more formal, but both mean the same thing.

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