Planear v. Planificar

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  1. Luisa86 Junior Member

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    Hola! En este contexto, sugieren que utilice "planear" o "planificar"?

    Census data helps to distribute over $400 billion in federal funding each year to states and local communities, determines political representation, and helps to plan and fund local programs that serve your community.

    Yo diria: "los datos del censo ayudan a planear y financiar programas locales..."

    Gracias :)
  2. turi Senior Member

    En un lugar de Catalunya
    Catalán y castellano.
    Yo, en cambio, diría "planificar".

    Saludos, t.
  3. mirx Senior Member

    My take on it is that you plan something when you think about it, and you "planify" something when you systematically put together a strategy to achieve pre-defined objectives.

    I would too use "plan"; regardless of what I just typed, I still have the impression that "planificar" is just a fancy word for "planning".
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  4. Manuel G. Rey

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    Yo también.
    Planear lo veo más utilizado para el vuelo de las aves con las alas extendidas e inmóviles, o de los aviones sin motor (planeadores).
  5. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    That seems reasonable to me, that is, to systematically put together a strategy to achieve pre-defined objectives = to plan (and fund local programs) = planificar, but that's just my take on it.
  6. mameytree Senior Member

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    It has always seemed to me that planear is for a much more general sense of planning, whereas planificar involves a greater sense of specifics. For example, "Tengo planeado hacer un viaje" - "I'm planning on going on a trip" vs "He planificado todos los detalles del viaje." - "I've planned all the details of the trip."

    So, I agree with Turissa, planificar would be best in this context.
  7. mirx Senior Member

    That's what I think too, the dictionary seems to agree with us.

  8. Luisa86 Junior Member

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    Thanks for all the feedback! This helps a lot

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