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Planteamiento del problema

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by cenriquet, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. cenriquet Senior Member

    Andalucía / Andalusia
    Field and topic:
    Hola a todos. Estoy escribiendo un artículo y busco un título para el capítulo en el que describo el problema que quiero tratar.

    Las tres opciones que manejo:

    "Description of the issue"
    "Wording of the problem"
    "Description of the problem"

    me suenan fatal. ?Alguna sugerencia, por favor? Gracias.

    Hi everybody!. I am writting a paper and I am looking for a title for the chapter in which I describe the problem I want to solve. I don not like none of the above phrases, so any suggestion? Thanks.

    Sample sentence:
    1. El planteamiento del problema

    We want to evaluate the error . . .

  2. Natters New Member

    Probar esto:

    Indentifying the Problem

    Espero que este es la solutión que busques
  3. Calario Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Creo que "aproach" para plantearte cómo solucionarlo y "raising" cuando se te plantea un problema; así que creo que es "aproach".
  4. Natters New Member

    As a Title it would be better saying:

    Approaching the Problem
    Indentifying the Problem

    Raising an issue (sounds better than Raising a problem)
  5. Little Morgaine Junior Member

    Cardiff, Wales
    Mexico Spanish
    What about Statement of the Problem?
  6. Naufragadf Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Argentinean and Mexican Spanish
    Could it be "Review"? Reivew of the problem.

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