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  1. estheryape Senior Member

    hello you all!

    could somebody tell me the plural of the word census (if it has a plural)?

    thanks in advance :)

    :thumbsup: please, correct my English
  2. andym Senior Member

    English - England

    A die-hard purist might say 'censi' as the latin plural, but I've never heard it used
  3. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    It does have a plural: censuses.

    I know it doesn't look like it should be regular, but it is.... ;)
  4. ubugmj New Member

    United States
    The plural would be censuses. As for your greeting saying: Hello all! would suffice.
  5. bardos

    bardos Senior Member

    english andalucía
    he may be from the south....
  6. estheryape Senior Member

    Ok, I appreciate your help. You're right, Andym, 'censi' would sound a bit "pedantic"

    Quotation: The word "pedantic" is a pedantic word that should be avoided, so you don't sound pedantic.
  7. ghoti

    ghoti Senior Member

    English USA
    "He" is a "she," according to her profile.

    Estheryape - If you didn't understand what Bardos meant, in the south of the EE UU, especially the southeast, people often say "you all" or ("y'all") when they mean the plural of "you." Unlike Spanish, English has no easy way to differentiate between tu y vosotros/as, so "you all" makes a certain amount of sense.

  8. federica_c New Member


    Indeed, the latin for "census" is "census" (IV declination), while the plural built with a final "i" is typical of the Italian language. So, a die-hard purist would certainly say "census".

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