1. zangetsu8888 Senior Member

    Anglais - Londrès

    The dictionary on this website says it means semi annuel but what's that?
  2. FranParis

    FranParis Banned

    Français - France
    Pluriannuel means that it stretches over several years = contrat pluriannuel.

    (pluri - more than one)
    (annuel - per year)
  3. pyan

    pyan Senior Member

    Vendée, France
    English, UK, London
    The WordReference dictionary does, indeed give "semi-annual" as the second English translation. "Semi-annual" is not in the English definitions on this site, or the other linked dictionaries and I have not heard of it.

    The first WR meaning of "pluriannuel" as "something which lasts for many years" seems fine. Robert and Collins gives "long-term", and "perennial" for a specialist botanical meaning.
  4. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member


    Could it be translated as 'several-year'? (before noun),
    like 'a several-year plan', 'a several-year contract'.
  5. tiger44 Member

    France, French
    cela se passe plusieurs fois par an.

    (semi-annuel = cela se passe tous les 6 mois)
  6. blonde02 Member

    close to Paris
    France French
    Salut Tiger,
    Mon dictionnaire me dit :"pluriannuel: Qui dure plusieurs années"
    In English it would be "perennial" or "long-term"
  7. Moon Palace

    Moon Palace Senior Member

    I agree: originally it is a word used for flowers which only bloom after a few years.
  8. hiplm New Member

    Anglais - Britannique
    What about multi-year contract...?
  9. Breadstick

    Breadstick Senior Member

    Mexico City
    British English
    A "multi-annual contract" is quite common parlance, I believe.


  10. misterk Moderator

    In AE, the common term is "a multi-year contract."
  11. Breadstick

    Breadstick Senior Member

    Mexico City
    British English
    Good point, I believe this may be another of those BE-AE differences.



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