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Policie také zatkla dvojici mužů.

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by stelingo, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. stelingo Senior Member

    Why is dvojiciused in this sentence? Policie také zatkla dvojici mužů.
    Would Policie také zatkla dva muže be incorrect? In which other cases is dvojici used?
  2. werrr Senior Member

    Dva is a basic numeral. Dvojice is a noun denoting a group of two (twosome, couple, pair, duo...). Analogically dvojice, trojice, čtveřice, pětice, šestice... denote threesome, foursome, fivesome, sixsome... respectivelly.
  3. marsi.ku Junior Member

    Yes, werr is right. If you say "dvojice mužů" it means that they cooperated, on the contrary "dva muži" is very general and we don't know if they cooperated or not.

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