por la manana / en la manana

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  1. londonbandit New Member

    Hello everyone.

    This is my first time on wordreference, please be gentle with me:)

    I am learning Spanish and I have come across "en la manana" and "por la manana". Is there any difference in meaning?

    Thank you

  2. Yola Senior Member

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    I don't see any difference between those two expressions by themselves. Both mean "sometime in the morning"
  3. londonbandit New Member

    thank you very much. It answered my question
  4. Encinar Senior Member

    No difference in the meaning.

    In Spain we use more por la mañana. What I don't know is if Latinoamerica they equally use both expressions. En la mañana sounds more Latin American to me.
  5. micafe

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    Spanish - Colombia
    I agree with Encinar. 'Por la mañana' is more used. Actually I don't think I ever say 'en la mañana'. I don't know about the other Latin American countries.

    Also, I say 'por la noche' and 'por la tarde', but I've heard 'en la noche' and 'en la tarde'. I don't use them either.

    Now, there's another expression: "a la mañana siguiente......" I don't know why, I only know it's used.

  6. FloMar Member

    English - England

    Could you tell me which of the two phrases below is correct and why?

    Por favor saca la basura todos los juvenes en la maῆana/ por favor saques la basura todos los juvenes por la maῆana

    Muchas gracias
  7. Cholo234

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    Do you mean at some time in the morning? If so, then your second sentence would be right except for its conjugation of sacar [use saque for a third-person command or saca for a second-person command]. If you're saying in the morning, then en la mañana is also okay.

    En la mañana may be used in Latin America for por la mañana: En la mañanas salíamos a montar a caballo (A New Reference Grammar).

    Do you mean jueves for juvenes?
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  8. FloMar Member

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    muchas gracias (sorry, this is the only expression I know to say thank you)
  9. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

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    In Spain, we'd say
    Por favor, saca (tú)/saque (usted) la basura todos los jueves por la mañana.
  10. Trini_lingual

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    In secondary school, I was never taught "en la mañana" to be correct. I don't know if in some countries it is becoming acceptable.

    However, in standard Spanish, we say "por la mañana" to refer to an event that occurs during an unspecified time in the day: Me gusta caminar por la mañana (I like walking in the morning) and we use "de la mañana" to specify a particular time: Me gusta caminar a las seis de la mañana porque no hace calor (I like to walk at six o'clock in the morning because it isn't hot).

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