por ser vos quien sois

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    I know that this term comes from the "Prayer of contrition" but can anyone advise of the meaning in a more colloquial context. It appears in an article I am translating about the situation of Basque prisoners in Spain. The author writes "cadenas perpetuas a la carta y por ser vos quien sois".

    I would translate as "life imprisonment a la carte and ???"
  2. Adolfo Afogutu

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    Do you have a complete sentence in Spanish, please? It seems to mean just "and for who you are", but it would be better to have a complete phrase.
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    Hello Adolfo Afogutu. That is the complete sentence.

    Preceding sentence: Se les mantiene cautivos con esa aberracion juridica de reinterpretar la forma de aplicacion del computo de cumplimiento de las penas.
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    Maybe :"and depending on who you are". The expression is meant to suggest that not everyone has the same legal rights.

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