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  1. iberco32 Senior Member

    Spanish, Logroño (Spain)
    Puede alguien traducir esto:
    But Peter Crouch powered a header past goalie Shaka Hislop at 83 minutes and then Steven Gerrard booted one in during injury time.
    muchas gracias
  2. se16teddy

    se16teddy Senior Member

    English - England
    The forum rules ask you to try to translate it yourself, then others will help perfect your effort. Clue: goalie = goalkeeper.
  3. Yuribear

    Yuribear Senior Member

    Español, Mex-USA
    Golie= arquero
    header= cabezaso
    boot= chutó

    Suerte con la traducción!
  4. moirag Senior Member

    English, England
    Pero Peter Crouch marcó un gol de cabeza al portero Shaka Hislop en el minuto 83 y después Steven Gerrard marcó con el pié en el tiempo de descuento.....Puede que mi traducción contenga errores, pero supongo que lo entiendes.
  5. se16teddy

    se16teddy Senior Member

    English - England
    powered a header = headed the ball with a lot of power

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