Prd krt skrz drn, zprv zhlt hrst zrn

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by Tagarela, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Tagarela Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Português - Brasil

    What does Prd krt skrz drn, zprv zhlt hrst zrn mean?It was mentioned in the mutual intelligibility thread as an odd Czech feature.
    Na shledanou.:
  2. winpoj Senior Member


    it means: A mole farted through the turf, having first devoured a handful of seeds.

    Note, however, that some of the words are used in a non-standard way to make the tongue twister more twisting.
    Normally you would say:

    "Krtek si uprdl skrz drn, když předtím zhltl hrst zrn."
  3. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    Hi, friends!
    A little longer is: "Chrt zdrhl skrz drn chrp v čtvrť Krč, prv zhltl čtvrthrst zrn" :D
  4. heresys

    heresys Member


    :eek:You've GOT to be kidding!!!!This is absolutely impossible to utter!If You happen to personally know someone who can pronounce this, please let me know! I will worship him as a linguistic deity!! :D
  5. winpoj Senior Member

    Depends on what form your worship is going to take.
    If it's interesting enough, I can send you a sound file with my very own noble voice pronouncing it.
  6. .Jordi. Senior Member

    I can't offer a worship, but I would really be very, very, very appreciated if you (or other person) could post a sound file with this phrase :D. I'm dying of curiosity of hearing it :rolleyes:.
  7. winpoj Senior Member

    I've recorded it but the file size is far greater than allowed by this site for attachments.
    You can either ask the moderator for an exception or create an anonymous e-mail address for yourself and I'll send it there.
  8. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    Hi everyone,

    I can't influence the limit for attachments so all interested parties please PM winpoj and find some way to transmit the file. Thanks. :)
  9. winpoj Senior Member

  10. .Jordi. Senior Member

    Thank you very, very much, Winpoj! We really aprappreciate it (at least I do)! :thumbsup:
  11. Tagarela Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Português - Brasil

    Winpoje, děkuji vám tak velmi moc pěkně!

    You should have a User deity status from now!

    Now we're going to bulit a Svatého Winpoj Chrám (or something like that).

    Really amazing... probably now your throat is hurting a lot.

    You, Czechs, should do some conquests of "non-vowel phrases" in the Karlův most or in front of Pražský hrad for the tourists. But, after that, no one would learn Czech again in the world :D

    Na shledanou.:
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  12. heresys

    heresys Member

    I have to say I confirm all the above and many more! Actually I meant it as a joke, but thanks a million for this enlightening file! :) I'm thinking of using it as a ring tone for my mobile phone and watch the people's reaction! :D
    Děkujeme Vám hodně, Svatý Winpoje!
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  13. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    I forgot pln skvrn...
  14. Orreaga

    Orreaga Senior Member

    New Mexico
    USA; English
    Great job, and a nice-sounding voice, too!
    Now, can you translate it, please??
  15. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    Chrt pln skvrn zdrhl skrz trs chrp v čtvrť Krč, prv zhltl čtvrthrst zrn.
    A staghound, which (is) full of spots, eloped/escaped to (Pragues) district „Krč“ through the clump of cornflowers, previously guzzled/devoured a quarter of handful of seeds.

    Plch zdrhl skrz drn, prv zhltl čtvrthrst zrn.
    Smrž pln skvrn zvlhl z mlh.
    Strč prst skrz krk!

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  16. Tagarela Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Português - Brasil

    But is there a really phrase, something that we could hear in a everyday conversation, without vowels?

    At least Strč prst skrz krk is a little possible to be heard, perhaps bulimics or some kind of examination perhaps.

    Na shledanou.:
  17. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    :warn:Zmrd:warn: Vlk brnkl z Brd.
    :warn:Fu..ed:warn: Vlk (family name) made short (phone) call from Brdy Hills.
    And so on...
    There might be several Other Families, not only Vlk.
    There could be Vrdy instead of Brdy (another hills massive in Bohemia);)
  18. Glug New Member

    English - Australia
    Awesome sound file. My wife's brother (Australian) just married a Czeck girl in Brno and I went there for the wedding and loved it. Love the language and spent all my 4 weeks there trying to learn terms and count to ten etc. Now I'm trying to learn more for my next trip. Hearing pronunciation like that is pretty scary though. I couldn't repeat that if my life depended on it.
  19. winpoj Senior Member

    Don't be scared, Glug. Bear in mind these are tongue twisters. You'll hardly hear so many consecutive consonant clusters in everyday language. The key is to understand that "l" and "r" in Czech can function like vowels (they are syllabic). It can be learnt with some practice. You might want to please your new relatives by starting with "Brno" - just two syllables: br-no.
  20. Tagarela Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Português - Brasil

    A doubt, the pronunciation of Bratr/Bratra and Petr/Petra, for example, could be heared as the same? I have some difficulty with these final r's so I usually some a to it.

    So, my pronunciation of these words, in phrase like these tend to be the same.

    To je Petr/bratr
    Hledám Petra/bratra

    Na shledanou.:
  21. winpoj Senior Member

    The pronunciation of "bratr" is clearly distinct from that of "bratra".
  22. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    Chrt pln skvrn zdrhl z Brd. Vtrhl skrz strž v tvrz srn, v čtrvrť Krč. Blb! Prskl, zvrhl smrk, strhl drn, mrskl drn v trs chrp. Zhltl čtvrthrst zrn skrz krk, pln zrn vsrkl hlt z vln. Chrt brkl, mrkl, zmlkl. Zvlhls?
    Somewhat longer...:D
  23. OzziBoy Senior Member

    English - Australian
    For those interested, I found this not so long ago. If someone can provide the text, that would be just wonderful! :)

    < Sorry, YouTube links are not allowed (Rule #4) >

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  24. ilocas2 Senior Member

    Hi, links on Youtube are forbidden, but I'll respond you.

    Šel pštros s pštrosicí a třemi pštrosáčaty do Pštrosic.

    Ten můj Popokatepetl je ze všech Popokatepetlů ten nejpopokatepetlovatější Popokatepetl.

    Od poklopu ke poklopu Kyklop kouli koulí.

    Třistatřiatřicet stříbrných křepelek přeletělo přes třistatřiatřicet stříbrných střech.

    Nenaolejuje-li tě Julie, naolejuji Julii já.

    Strč prst skrz krk.

    V hlavní roli lorda Rolfa hrál Vladimír Leraus a na klavír hrála Klára Králová.

    Kmotře Petře, nepřepepřete mi toho vepře, jak mi kmotře Petře toho vepře přepepříte, tak si toho přepepřeného vepře sám sníte.

    Přišel za mnou jeden Řek a ten mi řek, abych mu řek, kolik je v Řecku řeckých řek, a já mu řek, že nejsem Řek, abych mu řek, kolik je v Řecku řeckých řek.
  25. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    If you switch from Brazilian Portuguese to Portuguese Portuguese , then you'll speak almost the same kind of language. The vowels in Portuguese Portuguese are there only in the written text, but they are not pronounced, except the stess bearing one. My favourite until now is rçpçã.

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