Presentar un examen de Maestria

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  1. Cookies New Member

    Mexico City
    Cual es la forma correcta de decir: "Presente mi examen de Maestria"
  2. dinis Senior Member

    usa english
    If by MAESTRIA you mean a MASTER'S DEGREE (similar to a licenciatura), you would say " I TOOK MY MASTER'S EXAM(S) (which here may be both oral and written).
  3. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo Mod, I say, Moderator

    American English
    En esta zona de los EU, los examenes de maestria son "Comprehensive Exams", lo cual todo mundo abrevia como comps.

    I took my Master's comps last week and I think I did well.

  4. yardmanmx New Member

    you could say i did my master's, then you could finish by explaining in what area o subject

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