1. urmlulu Member

    I could not seem to find the wording of this already available...

    I want to say under the pretence of...

    as in, 'under the guise of'

    My sentence is this:

    France, under the pretence of a religious crusade, invaded Occitania in what became known as the Albigeoise Crusade.

    On dirait... sous le pretexte de + infinitive?
  2. Martyn94 Banned

    What language are you trying to get to? It is usually called " the Albigensian crusade".
  3. urmlulu Member

    Sorry, I didn't make that clear.
    I want to translate the phrase into French for an essay. Albigeoise is its French name :)
  4. Martyn94 Banned

    "Sous couvert de"?
  5. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    Yes, I see two options here :
    La France, sous le prétexte d'une croisade...
    La France, prétextant une croisade...
  6. urmlulu Member

    merci beaucoup ! thanks for the quick replies !

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