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protagonismo - trabajo social/desarrollo comunitario

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by maderosa, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. maderosa Senior Member

    Sé que ya existen varios ¨threads´ con esta palabra, pero ninguno me ayuda realmente, y es una palabra con la cual siempre he tenido problemas. En los contextos en los cuales yo lo encuentro, tiene que ver con ideas de ¨empowerment¨ (empoderamiento), de la toma de acción en un sentido positivo, de la liberación de identidades o individuos antes considerados incapaces de acción social... de la toma de poder en sentido positivo.

    El contexto exacto con la cual estoy trabajando ahorita es

    En estos grupos, desarrollamos nuestras habilidades, destrezas y adquirimos conocimientos sobre derechos, participación y protagonismo infantil.¨

    Hasta ahora, lo he traducido así...

    In these groups, we develop our skills and abilities and we gain knowledge on rights, participation, and ____

    Si no fuera que inmediatamente antes viene la palabra participación, tal vez lo habría traducido como ¨children´s participation¨ pero no quiero repetir la palabra. Además, no capta todo lo que significa la palabra protagonismo...

    Me interesa mucho saber como ha sido traducido esta palabra por otras personas, en contextos similares.

  2. apathet Senior Member

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    USA (English)
    Involvement, maybe? Hmmm... Maybe "active involvement"? Also remember that omission is a perfectly viable translation technique if the word is so close in meaning that their doesn't exist an appropriate translation into the target language.

    I do this all the time in English when we talk about "rules and regulations" and "trials and tribulations" because those words, by and large, mean the same thing.

  3. maderosa Senior Member

    Thanks...you´re right, maybe omission is the answer in this case. It´s just that I find this particular word so frustrating and there are times when it can´t be omitted.

  4. cipotarebelde Senior Member

    El Salvador
    USA English
    Hola Hola... here I am over here in El Salvador with the same dilemma today. Must be a Central America social movement thing. Anyway, as I read your question, I thought perhaps it would work to say "active involvement". Because my understanding is that it is NOT the same as participation (I was there) it goes to the heart of actually being an active actor for change. If participation hadn't proceeded it, then maybe active or proactive participation sometimes works. Hope this helps, I know its late, but, as you say, this one comes up over and over!

  5. Valflow Senior Member

    Mar del Plata
    Argentina - Spanish

    creo que otra de las opciones para protagonismo podría ser prominence. En esta página de Unicef se utiliza el término y creo que podría ser adecuado para tu contexto. http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/india_30413.html

    ...conocimientos sobre derechos, participación y protagonismo infantil.
    ...knowledge of children's rights, participation and prominence.

    Es sólo una sugerencia :)

  6. Sprachliebhaber Senior Member

    USA English
    Protagonismo infantil = children's advocacy?
  7. cipotarebelde Senior Member

    El Salvador
    USA English
    As I said earlier, this seems to be a word that is understood a certain way in the Central American context (at least). Like the word "incidencia" there doesn't seem to be an exact one word English equivalent.

    I understood the original post that "protagonismo infantil" would mean children's active-authentic participation/leadership/decision-making on issues which affect them.

    This thread has helped me clarify some thoughts on not just the language issue but the ideas that we are using. Thank you.

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