prueba, ensayo (industrial systems, pipelines)

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    I have a list of industrial services that says "prueba, ensayo y emisión de certificados para los sistemas de ... (distribución de aceite, refrigerante, agua de servicio, etc.)." I'm wondering if there is a way, or reason, to differentiate "prueba" and "ensayo." Otherwise I'm probably just going to say "testing and certification." Thanks for your thoughts.
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    You are probably correct.
    However, this may make a difference, depending on the specific system:

    Prueba may refer to a pressure test, which is done to verify that the pipes, connections and equipment are safe and leak free at 150% of the normal working pressures.
    That is a regular test before start up of any industrial (and even big commercial) piping system and could be repeated for systems that have aged.

    Ensayo may refer to a run of the whole system under normal conditions, closing observing how each element performs for all possible parts or phases of a process.
    This is mainly targeted to verify the functionality of the control and safety devices.
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    Thanks, that makes sense. This is a bare-bones list that I don't want to read too much into, so I think "testing" is probably still the safest bet, unless there is some industry-standard phrase I don't know about.
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    Maybe ensayo could be translated as trial run.

    Just my 2 centavos.
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    Señores, heme aquí de vuelta.

    Prueba y ensayo se pueden estar refiriendo a lo que menciona Lnewqban, es una opción; k-in-sc: aunque das contexto creo que habría que ver el país de donde provienen tu texto original... y revisar un poco el fondo técnico.
    Acá en México, algunas veces se hacen diferencias entre una prueba: para referirse al protocolo de "echar a andar" una máquina o dispositivo para verificar su funcionamiento; mientras que ensayo se refiere a un tipo de examen físico de materiales o estructuras o piezas para conocer sus límites de propiedades mecánicas o físicas.
    Les dejo éstas opciones.

    Saludos desde Chilangotitlán.

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