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    Hello, I've found in several novels set in Middle Ages this term referring to the fact that, on nuptials, some guests were admitted in the bride bridegroom bedroom and would share part of their intimacy, such as seeing the bride half veiled, I guess. As I had never hear of this tradition, do you have any further informationa and do you know of other names with which it was maybe popular?
    Thank you
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    I have heard of such a thing once or twice, but don't know what to call it. 'Bedding' is not a good name: it's true, it can be the gerundial noun of the verb 'bed' meaning "take to bed", which is the meaning you want; but far more commonly 'bedding' means "sheets, blankets, pillows etc.", so that gives the wrong impression.
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    Could you provide complete sentence, please? Remember that you can quote up to four sentences from each work (or four lines from a poem or song).

    I believe what you are describing is a "bedding ceremony."

    EDIT: I found one description of this ceremony:
    From a page on medieval wedding customs,

    I quote: "he had not thought of the repercussion for her of the traditional, very public disrobing of bride and groom, had accepted that it was part of a drink-fuelled celebration as much as the vows and the priest's pious words."
    This is the novel -literature - and I'm asking myself what history - or tradition - was like.
    thank you
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    The description in the text, the public undressing, the drunken revelry and ribaldry, and the priest's blessing, all matches the description I quoted above.

    You failed to quote the sentence in which you found the phrase "public bedding."

    thank you.

    Sorry, I've only few passages quotings on various topics. This source is missing for me as well.

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