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  1. juvenal Member

    Español Colombia
    Please, how do you say into English Qué significa la palabra buterfly / help etc?

    I know the mean of what does this/that mean? But I have problems to make the sentence from up.

    Please correct me if I make a mistake in the writing.
  2. outkast Senior Member

    English, USA
    Buterfly: ni idea.
    Butterfly: Mariposa
    Qué significa...: what does the word mariposa (butterfly) mean?
  3. Totopi

    Totopi Senior Member

    Bilbao, Spain
    What does X mean? What does X stand for?
    Pero mejor espera a los nativos.
  4. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Solamente se diría: What does XX mean?

    Si quieres saber el significado de un anacronismo o unas letras (por ej: TNT) se dice: What does XX stand for?
  5. juvenal Member

    Español Colombia
    Thanks to all for the help.
  6. outkast Senior Member

    English, USA
    What does the word XXX mean?
    What does XXX mean?: Qué quiere decir XXX:

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