1. Malevo

    Malevo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina, Spanish
    Hola. Vi en una pelicula que le preguntaron algo a alguien. Esta persona respondio en ingles algo, y el subtitulo español fue "que se yo!". La pregunta es como se dice en ingles. Gracias!
  2. xhalli Senior Member

    Mexico, DF
    México Spanish
    How am I suppose to know?
    How should I know?
  3. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Modómano, 'mano

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    He sabido que dicen "You tell me!" en el mismo sentido que nosotros "¿Qué sé yo!"
    Pero deberías tratar de incluir lo que crees haber escuchado.
  4. Sr. Moose

    Sr. Moose Banned

    Frostbite Falls, Alces and English
    ¿Qué sé yo? What do I know?
  5. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Modómano, 'mano

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    Well, that is the literal translation.
    Do you use it as an expression to mean "What can I know about this matter"

    "Creo que lloraban, reían, gemían o qué se yo / quién sabe qué hacían."
    I think they were crying, laughing, groaning or what do I know / who knows what they were doing.

    Another example:
    ¡Este nuevo artículo servirá para tanto! Barrer, limpiar paredes, lavar loza... ¿qué se yo!
    This new product will be useful for so many things! Sweeping, wall cleaning, dish washing... you tell me!
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  6. Sr. Moose

    Sr. Moose Banned

    Frostbite Falls, Alces and English
    I use the expression "(Gosh/Heck), what do I know?" in two situations. 1) When I feel it would be more polite, modest or safer to not honestly comment. 2) To soften a comment I've already made that may cause controversy.
    In this context, I guess in English it would be expressed rhetorically as "Gosh, who knows!", implying the product's infinite possibilities. Although, "You tell me!" is very close and has its place in conversation, too.
  7. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Modómano, 'mano

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    Great. I'll keep that in mind.
  8. pericalospalotes Senior Member

    Peruvian SPANISH

    Y en este caso? Es una entrevista.

    La cosa no es tan sencilla, la pregunta es demasiado general y la respuesta también tendría que ser demasiado amplia. No podríamos decir... que se yo... hay que hacer esto o esto otro.

    It's not so simple, the question is too general and then the answer would have to be too broad. We couldn't say, who knows???, this or that should be done.

  9. qmamzmwmsmxm New Member

    Korean - English
    This is very helpful !! Thank you , guys~!!

    I guess, "You tell me!" is most close expression
  10. Appleton Crofts New Member

    English - US
    Translation is a tricky business at best. The most accurate translations often have little to do with the actual words being spoken or written. Rather they deal with the feeling or idea. In this case, "que se yo" litterally means "What do I know?" But that's not what one would say in English. If I say, "que se yo" in Spanish I usually mean either "who knows?" or "How would I know?" in English, depending upon the context.

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