que tengas una buena tarde

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    Hola a todos,

    I'm new in this particular forum (but not to the website). I have been studying spanish for a liitle over a year, mainly language structure, vocabluary and so on. Anyway, yesterday, an aquaintance of mine said to me after a brief conversation:

    que tengas una buena tarde.

    I didn't quite get the context of what she said initially, as I would of recognised something like: yo espero que tengas una buena tarde.

    I got it in the end (she was wishing me a good afternoon), but my question is, is it normal in spanish to start a sentence with que, when you are wishing something on someone, or was she just using a short cut/slang instead of the full (yo) espero que .........?

    Muchíssimas gracias.

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  2. manxo Senior Member

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    Yes, it's normal; expresions like que tengas un buen día, que te vaya bien, que te diviertas, are very usual.
  3. aldewi Senior Member

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    Yes. It's a short, and it is normal in informal.

    Te deseo..
    ... que tengas una buena tarde.
  4. regalsun Senior Member

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    Yo lo entiendo, ahora. Gracias.
  5. Pinairun

    Pinairun Senior Member

    En el Diccionario (DPD):

    La conjunción "que"
    2.9. Introduce oraciones independientes que expresan diversos matices, entre los que cabe destacar los siguientes:
    c) Deseo: «¡Que te vaya bien, Doroteo!»

  6. ManPaisa

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    The most literal English translation would be may you have a good afternoon, where may have is the equivalent of the subjunctive form tengas.

    The construction sounds stilted in English, but is fine in Spanish in any kind of register.
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  7. regalsun Senior Member

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    Gracias. :)

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