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Questionário - Sondagem - Inquérito

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by fropie, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. fropie New Member

    English - US

    Is there a difference between the three terms listed above (Questionário - Sondagem - Inquérito)? For example, is one of them more commonly used in Brazil vs Portugal? I would like to know the best way to say "survey" (as in online survey) in each of those countries.

    Thank you very much,
  2. diego-rj

    diego-rj Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Em linguagem acadêmica você encontrará a palavra "survey" mesmo para qualquer pesquisa quantitativa, mas acho que fora do meio acadêmico você pode encontrar palavras como "enquete" e "pesquisa de opinião". Eu diria que "questionário" é o papel que contem as questões, ou as próprias questões em si. "Inquérito" é uma palavra que ouço com frequência em assuntos políticos/policiais. "Sondagem" não é uma palavra muito comum.

    Edit: Sorry, did you understand or should I answer in English?
  3. bru.gra New Member

    Brazilian Portuguese
    Here In BRAZIL for "online survey" we say busca or pesquisa.

    This three terms (Questionário - Sondagem - Inquérito) aren't synonyms, but can be used in similar context.

    Questionário is a series of issues or questions, a sequence of queries made ​​to serve as a guide to a research, an interview etc. (ENG questionnaire)

    is the action or result of probe. Like "Land survey"(Sondagem de terreno); "Opinion poll" (Sondagem de opinião). Can be also a sounding; a drilling or an exploration of something.Inquérito is a survey with a official character: an inquest; investigation; interrogatory. Set of actions and measures intended to establish something Ex.:"Inquérito Policial".

    Despite this, I think, in Brazil, the best way to say survey is pesquisa or investigação.

    Hope I've been helpfull
  4. Archimec Senior Member

    Montreal, Canada
    Portugal, portuguese
    Julgo que
    questionário: quiz, survey
    sondagem: poll
    inquérito: survey
  5. LuizLeitao

    LuizLeitao Senior Member

    São Paulo, Brazil
    Hi, Fropie,

    In Brazil, poll and survey mean "pesquisa" (but never sondagem, nor inquérito, the latter being related to official investigation, chiefly criminal) for market/electoral purposes (pesquisa de mercado/eleitoral/opinião), and survey also in science (a scientific survey; "pesquisa científica).
  6. fropie New Member

    English - US
    Thank you, Diego-RJ! I can understand more than I can speak, so I got it! :)

  7. fropie New Member

    English - US
    bru.gra, Archimec, and LuizLeitao:
    Thank you all for your responses. This has been very helpful! It sounds like pesquisa is the best choice for Brazil. I'm still a little unsure about Portugal, but questionário ​should serve my purposes.
  8. LuizLeitao

    LuizLeitao Senior Member

    São Paulo, Brazil
    Indeed — and I clean forgot to mention it — "enquete", although less frequently, is also used in Brazil in the sense of opinion polls. Like "realizar uma enquete".

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