Quiénes Fueron/Eran los Reyes

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  1. espanolsrs Member

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    I want to ask the following question:

    Who were the Catholic Kings?

    Would I say:

    ¿Quiénes fueron los Reyes Católicos?


    ¿Quiénes eran los Reyes Católicos?

    Gracias :)
  2. Kaleronita

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    both options are correct; it depends on the context (or on a style decision).
  3. maxpower76 Senior Member

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    ¿Quiénes fueron los Reyes Católicos? the answer would be their history, who they were, what did they do, etc.
    ¿Quiénes eran los Reyes Católicos? the answer can be "Isabel y Fernando"

    But both options are ok.

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