quittance de frais de dossier

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  1. Bonjour,

    Qu'est-ce que "quittance de frais dossier" en anglais?

    Merci bien!

    N'hésitez pas à corriger mon français!
  2. floise Senior Member

    Bonjour Tealwater,

    'recipt for closing costs'?

  3. marcolo

    marcolo Senior Member

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    France, french
    I almost agree with floise. But "quittance" is only receipt/proof, there is no closing here.
    "Frais de dossier" are costs to treat the file (if you can say that ?).
    I would suggest :

    Receipt for file costs
  4. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    applicatiion fee receipt
  5. Merci, et je vous souhaite une bonne 2008!
  6. floise Senior Member


    I got the translation for 'frais de dossier' from the Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique (which I am coming to question more and more as a source).


    But 'application fee receipt' makes a lot more sense!

    In my defense, we did not have the context, though.

    Thanks, Wildan and Marcolo.


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