résilier mon contrat, RÉSILIATION DE BAIL AVEC 1 MOIS DE PRÉ

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    Suite à notre entretien téléphonique de ce jour, je vous fais part de mon intention de résilier mon contrat de location de l'appartement situé <PRECISER L'ADRESSE COMPLETE> que j'occupe depuis le <DATE A PRECISER>.



    hi, I'm looking for a layout of a letter to send to my landlord to say that I will be leaving my apartment in 1 month. I think this is what this sentence means, Is it?
  2. Nenio Senior Member

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    It says something like:
    "Following our conversation on the phone earlier today, I am writing to inform you that I intend to put an end to my rental agreement for the appartment <full address> that I have been renting since <date>".

    And yes, it looks like this is exactly what you need. What is missing is the exact date at which you wish to leave. The template you sent a link for mentions this in the second paragraph, but I'm not sure the whole of it will apply to you - it depends on the reasons why you're leaving and whether you are leaving earlier than originally agreed on your contract.

    If you can just put an end to the contract (e.g. you've stayed longer than the minimum requirement if any), you can just add:

    "Cette résiliation sera effective en date du <DATE YOU ARE MOVING OUT> respectant ainsi un délai de un mois."
  3. mai234 Senior Member

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    yeah I saw the bit in the second paragraph and I took that out. Thanks!

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