1. Zarg Senior Member

    English - Canada

    Describing an artist's music... I've no idea.
  2. LART01

    LART01 Senior Member

    The Hague,Netherlands
    Do you have the beginning of a sentence at least?
  3. Zarg Senior Member

    English - Canada
    un album de rap de char intelligent
  4. djweaverbeaver Senior Member

    English Atlanta, GA USA
    Is this Canadian French for a 'smart car'?
  5. Kiwipro Senior Member

    New Zealand English
    Il me semble que le 'rap de char' est un genre de rap.
  6. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo

    The rap is intelligent, not the car. But you are correct, I believe, it is referring to rap music about cars (In Canada, char = voiture/auto)

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