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  1. confusedkid New Member

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    How would you say 'Really?' In German (as in as if expressing surprise or just a casual 'is it so?')
  2. ablativ Senior Member

    ach ja? - ach! - tatsächlich? - wirklich? - sag bloß! - etc.
  3. Hutschi

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    Hi confusedkid,

    could you more context, please?

    Ablativ gave good translations, but it may depend on content which one is to use.
    As far as I see you can use in most context "Wirklich?" in a rather neutral way, while "Sag bloß!" indicates possibly sarcasm or disbelieve.
  4. tragedy2000 Member

    German , Greek
    Hey ! It depends on the persons one's talking to. So when you talk to a friend you'd prefer "echt?" but when you talk to a teacher or to a person commanding respect you'd prefer "wirklich?".

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