Relleno (de un terreno)

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    Español, Panamá
    What do you call a marshland or any lowland that has is filled and leveled so people can build on it? In Spanish (Panama) we call it "relleno"
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    In the US, "landfill" is a synonym of "trash dump" (basurero, tiradero) and would be confusing if used in this context.

    I'm not sure if we use a noun to describe the place in the same way that "relleno" does...
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    Hola. Puede alguien decirme por favor como puedo poner relleno (me refiro a relleno de un terreno) y támbién como lo digo como verbo rellenar (un terreno)
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    Hi Georg15!

    My suggestion is as follow:

    "rellenar" = "to refill"---> "Ellos rellenan el hueco" = "They refill the hole";

    "relleno" = "filling" (noun).


  6. Georg15 New Member

    Thank you Benzene, this information is useful to me.
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    Catalan (Catalonia) / Spanish (Spain)
    Se que llego super tarde, pero más vale tarde que nunca!

    made ground, made-up ground
    1. Solid ground formed by filling in an artificial or natural pit with hard rubble such as broken brick, concrete, etc., or with rubbish.

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