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  1. rauda Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Hola, estoy traduciendo un libro en el que se habla de operaciones inmobiliarias. Me aparece la siguiente frase:

    Haacke turned his attention to economic systems –in this case a system of planned impoverishment of urban neighbourhoods by a group of real-state specultaros led by a notorious rent extractor.

    ¿Alguien tiene alguna idea de qué significa "rent extractor"? Si sabéis la traducción, sería perfecto, pero, si no, ¿podríais decirme que os sugiere: alguien que explota los alquileres hasta echar a la gente de sus casas, tipo mobbing...?

    Muchas gracias de antemano,

  2. begoña fernandez Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish

    Hola Rauda,
    Si te fijas extractor significa exprimidor y aquí creo que se utiliza de forma figurada "un exprimidor de alquileres"

    PSIONMAN Senior Member

    Nottingham, UK
    Br English
    Hi Rauda, I think you understanding is perfectly correct

    There was a notorious case in London in the 50's or 60's when a man called Rachman bought up a lot of slum properties and extraxted high rents with violence and high rates of interest for defaulters. The word Rachmanism is now use in the UK for this type of exploitation
  4. Oceanrandom Junior Member

    Puerto Rico, Condado
    English, USA
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rent_seeking This one was hard to understand... wikipedia has a great defination of it, but I don't really know if it's cleared it up all that much for me ;)

    Rent extractor... seems to be a person that is very good at manipulating buisness evironments to profit from it... sometimes with no concern for who he / they step on. A money maker.
  5. rauda Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Gracias a los tres. Los enlaces de la wikipedia me han ido muy bien para entender el término del todo... Ahora falta encontrar la traducción que se usa aquí... Ya saldrá...

    Muchas gracias de nuevo.

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