1. Hi, I don't know how to translate REPONEDOR de mercansia in English. Anyone could help me ?

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  2. lily8

    lily8 Senior Member

    Spanish - Argentina LP

    It is "stockman" or "stock boy" (depending on age)
  3. delhi Senior Member

    Córdoba, Argentina
    Spanish, Argentina
  4. olivodelbuho

    olivodelbuho Senior Member

    The island of Ka
    Spanish - UK
    Stock Replenisher
  5. Celestianpower Junior Member

    Stroud, United Kingdom
    English, United Kingdom
    I'd go for "shelf stacker", at least that's what they're called in my neck of the woods.

  6. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    And for those PC people out there:
    Stock person.
  7. olivodelbuho

    olivodelbuho Senior Member

    The island of Ka
    Spanish - UK
    Tesco calls them Stock replenisher, replenishment department etc,etc...
    We have a few of them in my Union.
  8. Thanks everybody, it's gonna help more than once...
    Mery Christmas, Feliz Navidad !!!

  9. rogeb Senior Member

    Spain and Spanish
    Sorry, but I have no clear this, I heard in Ireland for "reponedor" something like "packaging shelf (worker)" or similar... can someone help me?

    Would it be correct to say: "staff on the floor"??

  10. lzarzalejo73 Senior Member

    Could someone, please, tell me what do you call in English someone whose job is to replace foods on the shelves in a supermarket, etc. Thank you in advance
  11. Chris K Senior Member

    Tacoma WA, US
    English / US
    "Stock clerk" is common in the US.
  12. Sympathy Senior Member

    English (British)
    A shelf-stacker.
  13. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    A stocker. (Their job is to re-stock the merchandise on the shelves.)
  14. Sympathy Senior Member

    English (British)
    A curious one-letter difference between AE and BE, which I hadn't known of.

    The internet has lots about stocker jobs, and they are all in America. But if you want to work as a stacker, you'll find vacancies all over the UK and Australia.

    (A stacker's job is to stack things on the shelves.)
  15. lzarzalejo73 Senior Member

    Thanks to everybody

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