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resa dello spazio

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by marinella, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. marinella Senior Member

    Buongiorno a tutti !
    deo tradurre la seguente frase :
    "I nostri imballi flat sono perfetti per ottimizzare la resa degli spazi nei negozi, ma anche per dare grande enfasi ai prodotti."

    Ho tradotto
    Our flat packagings are perfect to optimize the space in the shops and also to raise the visibility of products

    ma non so se la traduzione di "resa degli spazi" semplicemente con space sia esatta.
    Qualcuno può suggerire qualcosaltro ?
    Grazie e saluti
  2. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US

    1 Our flat package is perfect for saving space and also improves product visibility.
    2 Our flat package occupies less shelf space and also improves product visibility.

    Oggi preferisco il numero due.
  3. marinella Senior Member

    Thank you TimLa
    but this kind of package doesn't occupy less shelf space - it's more a question of better organize the space

    Could I say : Our flat package is perfect to improve the use of space or " ensure the best use of space in the shops" ?
    anche se non mi fa impazzire ....
    grazie :)
  4. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

    English (Ireland), Welsh, Irish
    What does "imballi flat" mean exactly? Are they cardboard boxes which you assemble yourself? I'm finding hard to imagine how cardboard boxes improve space, so perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you mean by "flat packages".
  5. Odysseus54

    Odysseus54 Mod huc mod illuc

    In the hills of Marche
    Italian - Marche
    Io direi :

    " Our flat packaging is space efficient and also improves/enhances product visibility "
  6. marinella Senior Member

    thanks a lot - it's perfect !

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