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resuelvo declarar rebelde

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by racsoacme, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. racsoacme Junior Member

    Arequipa, Perú
    Peruvian Spanish
    Hola amigos,
    Estoy felíz de poder postear con ustedes por primera vez.
    Estoy traduciendo un auto judicial en el que aparece el siguiente tenor: "...por lo que RESUELVO declarar REBELDE al demandado Pedro Morales ..." Esta persona no contestó la demanda.
    He intentado traducirlo como "... I RESOLVE declaring the defendant Pedro Morales DEFAULTER ..."

  2. littledogboy

    littledogboy Senior Member

    Yes, I think default is legal English for not giving any answer, more specifically to enter default (as an answer).


    I myself have never heard the word defaulter, although it is in the dictionary in this sense.
  3. racsoacme Junior Member

    Arequipa, Perú
    Peruvian Spanish
    Thank you for your reply and help littledogboy.
  4. Salvatore Rina Senior Member

    "the non - anwering party was held in default"
  5. Tochka Senior Member

    We would say "I declare..." rather than "I resolve declaring..."
    (Usually this will be in the form "I hereby declare...", meaning that "by this present writing I am declaring...")
  6. racsoacme Junior Member

    Arequipa, Perú
    Peruvian Spanish
    Thanks a lot Salvatore Rina and Tochka. You're both really helpful.

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