1. Anjosil Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Could you help me to translate "spit" in this context?:

    "Jamaica had a natural harbour protected by a long sand spit"

    Thanks a lot!
  2. jcl87 New Member

    New York
    American English
    i think it means chance...
  3. bumblecat Senior Member

    San Francisco baby!
    Chilean Spanish/ American English

    It's a long section of land. If you look it up in WR you'll find:

    countable (of land) punta f, lengua f

    A Google search also gave me this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingston_Harbour
    the word is mentioned there as well.

  4. Anjosil Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Thanks a lot for your useful help!!

  5. BetaniaPatmos New Member

    Chicago, USA
    Catalan y castellano, España
    En este caso, spit significa "espigón". Esa es la palabra correcta.
  6. loudspeaker Senior Member

    British English

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