saris, dhotis, turbans

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  1. Whatclos

    Whatclos Senior Member

    He indigenized step-by-step. Adopted Indian clothing: saris, dhotis, turbans, etc.

    Help, please!!?

    I got:

    El poco a poco adopto la costumbre Indígena_____, _____, _____

  2. malinche

    malinche Senior Member

    Hola Whatclos!

    No es costumbre indígena, pero costumbre hindú o de India.

    dhotis no sé, pero son saris y turbantes.

    ¡Que tengas feliz día!
  3. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    turban is turbante
    sari is sari (same word)
    dhoti...I would pronounce this toti (with the t's pronounced like in Castillian Spanish). Anyway, I'm not sure of a translation. In my experience, it's a single piece of cloth worn by men [in the Indian sub-continent] in a similar way to wearing a sarong.
  4. Whatclos

    Whatclos Senior Member

    Muchisimas gracias! No me gusta indigena-- pero queria traducir indigenized... usare hindu

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