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Say "I Love You" Trailer Dialogue

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Marisa113, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Hello, I have been learning Japanese (on my own online) and watch a little anime. I saw that the anime Say "I Love You" is being made into a movie that will be coming out on July 12. Very interested (having read most of the manga and all of the anime), I watched the trailer, however since I only know a little Japanese, I was only able to get a little bit of it.

    So, I was wondering if someone could translate it for me including the romaji as well as the English translation.

    I tried to translate as much as possible but they were speaking too fast for me to pick up. I tried my best with what I could, though there's a lot that I wasn't able to catch. Of course, please correct me if my translations were wrong.


    I love you
    Tatsuzen no kis kara hajimaru
    It began with a sudden kiss
    Hajimette no koi
    Our love began
    Dare aitsu
    Who is that?
    Tachibana Mei
    Mei Tachibana

    I was able to get bits and pieces of the other dialogue but not enough to fully understand what they were saying.

    To see the original article I found about the movie, search Tender "Say 'I Love You' Trailer Boasts One Direction Soundtrack." It was on Yahoo News.

    Since I'm a new forum member and cannot create links, please just type in the following to access the trailer on YouTube...

    Thanks so much you guys, I really appreciate it.
    : tbd
  2. patates_frites Senior Member

    Japanese, English - US
    * My notepad programs applies an auto spell check that messes around with my text no matter which language I write in, so I hope it hasn't sneaked some erroneous modification. Generally it should be okay.
    * I did a quick transcription of the trailer.
    * I'm glad mangas, even shojo mangas, have gotten people interested in Japan and/or the Japanese language.
    * Looking at the trailer, it reminded me of Genji monogatari, the jealousy of the court life (here, the school), etc.

    I love you
    Totsuzen no kiss kara hajimaru
    It began with a sudden kiss
    Hajimette no koi
    Our love began
    Tomodachi mo koibito mo hitsuyo nai
    Zutto sou omotte kita

    Dare aitsu
    Who is that?
    Tachibana Mei
    Mei Tachibana

    Sugee kurai shi, shaben nai
    = She's gloomy and doesn't talk
    Kare ni deau made no
    = Until she met him
    Tomodachi ni narou yo
    = Let's be friends
    Chuu shite
    = Kiss me
    Ore no koto suki, Mei?
    = Do you like me, Mei?
    Nanimo iwa naito, honki chuu shichau zo.
    = If you don't say anything, I'm going to give you a real kiss.
    Ore honto ni, Mei no koto suki dakara.
    = I really like you, Mei.
    Jibun wo sarake dashi chattara
    = If I disclose my real sentiments/self,
    jibun ga dou nacchau no ka, souzou deki nai, kowai no
    = I'm scared as I can't imagine what will become of me
    Suki ni naru no ga kowai tte iu mae ni,
    = Before you fear falling in love
    suki ni nan nakya nanimo hajiman nedaro
    = You've got to fall in love, or nothing will start
    Wake wakan nanaku natte, mechaku cha ni nacchi mae yo
    = Let go of your reasons, let loose your self, and become what you must (approximate translation…)
    Anna hanpa na yatsu, Yamato no tonari ni iru shikaku nante nai
    = A halfass girl like her doesn't deserve to be with Yamato.
    Nande anta nanka
    = Why you?
    Yamato no tonari ni wa Megumi san mitai na hito no hou ga fusawa shii no kana.
    = I wonder if someone like Megumi should rather be with Yamato.
    Ore Mei no koto ga suki da
    = I like you Mei.
    Ore no kimochi wa Yamato ni make nai yo
    = My feelings for you are no less than Yamato's (if not more)
    Watashi itsu kara kon nani yowaku nattan da
    = Since when have I become so weak.
    Watashi wa Yamato kara nige te ii no kana
    = Can I run away from Yamato? (emotionally)
    = Yamato
    Suki tte ii na yo
    = Say I love you.
  3. Arigato gozaimasu!

    Oh, what does this mean? (from the first section)

    Tomodachi mo koibito mo hitsuyo nai
    Zutto sou omotte kita
  4. patates_frites Senior Member

    Japanese, English - US
    (Until now) I've always thought I didn't need any friends or lovers.

    Also check out Genji monogatari if you like this kind of story ; )
  5. Thanks once again! I will check it out ;)

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