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  1. Esiste un termine specifico in Inglese per l'italiano "sbiellare"? Indica che un mezzo, in questo caso una moto, non funziona perchè si è rotta una biella (rod).

    La frase che devo tradurre è questa "...trovare la moto giusta, anche se sbiellata...":
    ...finding the right motorcycle, though ...

    Cerca un termine preciso, tecnico, vorrei evitare di stare sul generico "not working / running".

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks :)
  2. Molto colloquiale in AE, si dice "To find the right (motor)bike, even if it has thrown a rod."
  3. Benzene

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    Italian, Italy
    Ciao Italian PL!

    Ti suggerisco:

    "sbiellare" = "to pack up or to break down".

    @EDIT: Alabama che cosa ne pensi del mio suggerimento? Grazie


  4. Hi Benzene, the OP is looking for a specific problem not a general break down. More formally, the engine has "broken" a push rod, probably by pulling on a stuck piston. It is often not actually broken but rather stretched or distorted into an unusable configuration.

    "Broken down" is correct, if very general. "Packed up" must BE, because we do not say that over here. :) In Alabamese, people say "the motor is ruint" or "the motor is shot."
  5. Matrap

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    pack up1 vi + adv(person) far fagotto; (Brit fam: machine) guastarsi. :)
  6. Thanks, Matrap, for another lesson in English. :)
  7. Thank you all for teaching some good expressions I didn't know! :)

    As to the word "sbiellare", "throw a rod" is what I was looking for.

    Thanks for your help!!!
  8. Blackman

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    Ciao AB, any solution for its figurative meaning?

    Sbiellare is very colloquial for to go crazy/insane, to have a nervous breakdown.
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    If I may, we often say to blow a gasket which means to go beserk/crazy with anger and keeps within the combustible engine metaphor. :)
  10. Blackman

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    Gli è partita la guarnizione di testa...fantastica!:):):)

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