scellé (document)

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  1. WME Senior Member

    Would I be right to assume that "un scellé", referring to a document identified by a serialized number and presented to the court so as to be used as an evidence is in English an "exhibit" ?
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    I would say yes, however, I never hear the word "exhibit" solo. I always hear it used in conjunction with a letter.

    "I now ask the court to please direct their attention to exhibit A."
    "Exhibit B and C both show that the defendant was present at the crime scene the night of the murder"
  3. securimedeu Banned

    si c'est un document, c'est plutôt une pièce, non ??
  4. amg8989 Senior Member

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    I think I've heard both. The court may have a piece of evidence, but when they present it, I usually hear them say something along the lines of "here's Exhibit B" rather than "here's a piece of evidence"
  5. securimedeu Banned

    pièce in French

    la pièce 23 du dossier
  6. OLN

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    exhibit n'est pas plutôt une pièce à conviction qu'un scellé (document placé sous scellés, c'est à dire clos) ?

    sealed document, sealed evidence ?
  7. amg8989 Senior Member

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    OK sorry, I wasn't paying close enough attention. I was assuming that when you used pièce in French, you were inferring that the cognate in English.
  8. securimedeu Banned

    et il existe aussi la "pièce à conviction" en pénal
  9. WME Senior Member

    je sais quand même ce qu'il est écrit sur le document à traduire :D

    In my case, it's a copy of a judgment
    There's a description of the scellé (a manuscript letter) and then (scellé number XXXX) closes the sentence.
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