Schéma comptable

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  1. BMR

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    I'm looking for a translation of the french term Schéma comptable.
    It's used in accountancy (double-entry accountancy using T-account).
    I think that account scheme or account pattern are not exactly what the same meaning.
    Maybe account chart (or accounting chart) is ok ?

    A "schéma comptable" is a diagram which specify, for a type of operation (for example : purchase of a vehicle with VAT), which entries are to log in which T-accounts (debit and credit).

    If somebody can help me ... thanks !
  2. mapping Senior Member

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    France, French
    accounting scheme?
  3. BMR

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    On this website [//], chart of account is equivalent to "plan de compte" in french (similar to account-tree).
    Thus, it's not a good translation for "schéma comptable".
    "Schéma comptable" specifies the rules we have to apply to account a event.
    So, what about : Account(ing) scheme and account(ing) pattern ?
  4. Elena83

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    Or even may be accounting plan
  5. biplan02 Member

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    In our accounting software, it is called "Accounting dictionary". But I don't know with it is correct ?
  6. BMR

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    In this extract, accounting rules seems to mean "schéma comptable" : With ILOG BRMS, finance departments can achieve automated, accurate and timely transformation of business events into detailed accounting information based on configurable and predetermined accounting rules.

  7. BMR

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    Is anybody to confirm this translation, please ?

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