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  1. pcplus Senior Member

    What does mean "Schumacher" in German??

    I have read Schuhmacher and more different words
  2. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    "Schumacher" does not mean anything; it is Schuhmacher misspelled. And yes, it means shoemaker, cobbler. :)

  3. illuminaut Senior Member

    San Francisco
    Schumacher, without the 'h', could refer to Michael Schumacher.
  4. pcplus Senior Member

    yes, it's said in Spain that Michael Schumacher means shoemaker in German
  5. dec-sev Senior Member

    as well as to his brother Ralf :)
  6. Henryk Senior Member

    Germany, German
    Hehe, by the way, there's a Brasilian footballer called "Schumaker", a very good young player. Isn't there also a version in Spanish? :D
  7. Tomby

    Tomby Senior Member

    Along the Via Augusta
    Yes. In Spain "Shoemaker" means "zapatero" and this is the surname of the President of the Spanish Government (José Luís Rodriguez Zapatero). :D
  8. MrMagoo

    MrMagoo Senior Member

    Westphalia, Germany
    Westphalia, Germany; German

    But it does mean "shoemaker"! ;)
    Schumacher is not necessarily "misspelled", it's a newer form of "schuoh".
    An "h" in the end of a word was pronounced [x] in the Middle Ages; after this pronunciation was dropped, also the "h" disappeared.
    "h" was more and more used as a sign of length for preceding vowels, so "Schumacher" might be an early Modern-High-German form.

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