seeing an owl / night owl

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  1. asma.

    asma. Member

    arabic french
    i have always heard hearing an owl
    What does Seeing An Owl Mean?

  2. jpyvr Senior Member

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    Are you sure you're not thinking of "howl"? That can be heard but not seen. "Owl" is a bird (hibou in French) and can be heard and seen.

    Please remember that here you should use proper English grammar and sentence structure. Avoid spellings like thanx, and greetings like Hey. The word I (meaning oneself) must always be capitalized, at any location in a sentence.
  3. Cagey post mod

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    Welcome, asma. :)

    I believe that you are asking about "seeing an owl" as a saying. Are you? If so, I am not familiar with it. I need more information about how it is used.

    Would you please tell us something about the context in which you saw or heard this reference to seeing a owl? We always require information like this when you ask a question. It helps us give you the right answer.
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  4. asma.

    asma. Member

    arabic french
    for ex i heard someone he said: are you a morning person or night owl?
    wht does he mean with (owl)
  5. Cagey post mod

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    Thank you for the context. :)

    We call people who stay up all night the way owls do "night owls".

    It is a common figure of speech.
  6. asma.

    asma. Member

    arabic french
    Now i understand
    You are so generous
    Thanx a lot

  7. asma.

    asma. Member

    arabic french
    Thanks a lot :)

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