Sei tutta la mia vita

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by tiffy, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. tiffy Member

    Sei tutta la mia vita. You are my whole life. Is this right?? Thanks
  2. Canna823 Senior Member

    Maybe.. You're my everything?
  3. virgilio Senior Member

    English UK
    Mi ricorda la bellissima canzone di Andrea Cesare Bixio (se non mi sbaglio del suo nome);
    Parlami d'amore, Mariù,
    Tutta la mia vita sei tu

    Una delle più belle canzone che io abbia mai sentite.

  4. tiffy Member

    Virg: Can you translate that song into english for me?? Sooo the answer is : You're my everything. ?? thanks
  5. Canna823 Senior Member

    Hi tiffy, Check out this site.
  6. virgilio Senior Member

    English UK
    I would translate it as "You are my whole life".
    I would be happy to translate the lyric of "Parlami d'amore, Mariù" but (1) the rules of the forum will not permit me to do so and (2) the link which Canna 823 gives above has a good, nearly perfect translation.
    Best wishes
  7. Jebedia Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    Perfect, but I think "you're my everything" works as well. :)
  8. virgilio Senior Member

    English UK
    "You're my everything". Sounds like the title of a song. Maybe it hasn't been written yet. You write the words and I'll write the music.
    Best wishes
  9. Nicholas the Italian Senior Member

    Barry White - You're the first, the last, my everything
    Sorry, too late ;)
  10. virgilio Senior Member

    English UK
    Drat and double drat! Another little earner gone west! Still, ne'er mind, eh?

  11. kris87 New Member

    English - Australia.
    Is it more correct to say 'Sei tutta la mia vita' or 'Tu sei tutta la mia vita'?
  12. Azazel81 Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    They're both fine and correct. It all hangs on which one you like the most.

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