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Senden başkası yalan amk

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by Naddo, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Naddo New Member

    Hello everyone!
    Recently a turkish guy sent to me a message saying this to me "Senden baskasi yalan amk"
    I don't know what does that mean, I'd like you guys can help me because it's driving me crazy! Some people have told me it's something like "there's a lie but not you" but I still don't get the meaning! the semantic meaning!

    Thanks for you help :)
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  2. Guner

    Guner Senior Member

    Well it simply means that you are the only thing in his life which makes sense. The rest is just a "lie".

    The ending "amk" is a shorthened form (in texting) of a quite vulgar phrase used usually by people coming from a lower socio-economical class in Turkey.
    It is used in the same way with "fu@#$ing" in English. So a semantic translation would be something like:
    "You're my everything and anything else is a fu@#$ing lie!"
  3. Naddo New Member

    Oh! thank you very much, finally I got the meaning! so thank you again! :))
  4. Guner

    Guner Senior Member

    My pleasure ! :)

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