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Senza limitazione alla generalità di quanto precede

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by spero, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. spero Senior Member

    english (USA)
    Senza limitazione alla generalità di quanto precede, Società A non può riprodurre.....

    This sentence is found under "Limitations" in a licensing contract. It's a pretty standard legal phrase that I have found several examples of on the internet, but I really don't understand what it means. I also can't understand if generalità means information in general or something else here. It definitely doesn't mean personal details.

    Can anyone help?

  2. longplay Senior Member

    "Generalità" = "general validity", I guess, since the Italian is not so good...!
  3. spero Senior Member

    english (USA)

    I don't think "without limits to the general validity of what is stated above" means much...

    Maybe it's limitazione that is throwing me off...
  4. longplay Senior Member

    "Taken as granted the (general) validity of...". Il miglior tentativo che posso fare è questo:confused::)
  5. spero Senior Member

    english (USA)
    I seem to have found the answer that I will post for others:

    Without limiting
    the general nature of the foregoing.....
  6. longplay Senior Member

    Secondo me sarebbe "general value" anche; "general nature" ha più o meno lo stesso significato, ma suona meno "impegnativo". Ciao e grazie per il

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