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  1. kloie Senior Member

    Hello all! I would like to know how would one say city hall in serbian.
    Zdravo svima! Volela bih da znam kako se kaže city hall na srpskom

    I was watching a video It said gradska kuća but all of my dictionaries have većnica,so which one is correct?
    Gledala sam video koje ima gradska kuća, ali svi moji rečnici imaju većnica,pa koji tačno je rečnik ili video?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hvala unapred!
  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    Gradska kuća is much more common than gradska većnica. Some buildings have a preferred form, though: for example, Sarajevo has Vijećnica, famous for its architecture, while Novi Sad has Gradska kuća.
  3. Evermind New Member

    City hall is "skupština grada" or if you refer to the building where the town council is located, we can also say "zgrada skupštine (grada)". Novi Sad city hall is officially called (if I'm not mistaken) Gradska kuća, but in other towns in Serbia we simply say "skupština grada". The Croatian/Bosnian version is "vijećnica", as Duya said.

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